ChamberForge mobile app v1.2 released

We are excited to announce that the latest mobile app update has been released in the app stores. If you have the version 1.1 installed, you can upgrade to 1.2 which is the latest release.

Below video provide a quick overview of the latest update.

Latest updates include:

  • Referral status – you can set the status of a referral to “Business Won” or “Business Lost”
  • You will get notified via email and app when a referral you gave to someone turned into business or did not turn into business
  • You can easily see all referrals you gave to others and ones you received from others.  You can also quickly see the status.
  • You can send a group email from the app

We also created a new report – Referrals Report – that simply lists all referrals within a given period of time and their status in a table.  Below is a screenshot of the Referrals Report.  You can easily export it to PDF to share with your group.

The updates make it easy to report and track referrals.  We hope you like the updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you.

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