Next Features

We have been receiving a lot of great feedback from our current ChamberForge users. We want to let you know that we will be working on next set of features based on your feedback.

Based on the feedback, here is the list of features we will be working on next:

  • Ability to track referrals at a company-level instead of individual user-level – more for B2B lead sharing groups
  • Ability to add lead information such as name, phone, email, company name when a referral is being created
  • Ability for the person receiving referral to create a referral (instead of just the person who’s giving a referral to create)
  • Ability to invite guests to a specific meeting from mobile app
  • Ability to set up automated reminder email to be sent out to guests one day before the meeting with details such as meeting time, location
  • Ability to manage attendance from mobile app
  • Add additional fields to user profile – website, company
  • Add additional fields to group – group description, meeting location, meeting time
  • Ability to make lead contact information optional or required when a referral is being created
  • Notify the other person via mobile app when a referral is created

This is a big list and we can’t promise everything will be built in next two weeks but we will work hard to get them out as soon as possible.  If we forgot anything, please leave comments here or send us an email at



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